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So what does Risk Dashboard look like?

Here's a taster.

Simple data entry via a set of specific questions.  You are able to assign each of the 'modules' to managers in Your Company who have the knowledge to complete the questionnaire accurately.  You can also schedule future audits and assign these too.  The manager will be emailed by the system when it is time for them to start working on the next update to ensure you understand Your Company’s position.

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It is important to not that each module and set of questions can be sent or delegated to specific members of the Company who have the expertise.  These can update the information and this will be consolidated into the report.  You will be able to see if each module has been completed.

Dates of when Audits undertaken and what is in progress.  A “Report” button to get the details from the last audit.

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You have the ability to review the answers posted form the last audit you carried out.

On the Dashboard "Home" you get an overview of Your Company's current status and a view of the ‘Top’ global actions needed.  The thresholds are currently set at 75% compliance.

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You update the list when completed by using the “Complete” button.  You can use the “Help Me!” button to get help from selected professional advisors and consultants that specialise in this specific area.

A Detailed Action Plan or schedule of ‘actions’  (is automatically generated by the system.  This is used to keep track of your activities to become compliant.

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When actions are satisfactorily completed the “Complete” button is used to mark this and to add any Completion Comments.  This will take the action from “Open” to “Closed” and update the Dashboard.

If You need help in completing the activity a selected specialist can be automatically requested to contact you to provide assistance if required.  Simply press the “Help Me!” button.  Al requests for assistance will be logged on the system for your reference.

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There is an Information Library from which it is easy to access up-to-date reference material related to the specific areas of interest.

In the Resources area there is information relating to each module area.  You are also able to store your own data in this area and relate it to specific requirements.  This can be your policies for example or completed audits.  This area like the library can be viewed ‘globally’ or filtered by a specific area.

You can use the "Insurance Policies" area to help you identify what policies your business may need.  You can also ‘upload’ your existing insurance certificates and policies onto the system with expiry dates.  The system will assist you with the management of these key documents and responsibilities and remind you when you need to be thinking about renewing.  In addition, you can use the system to request quotes for specific insurance policies from a ‘board’ of selected insurers and brokers.

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The Reporting Centre provides more detailed information on Your company’s current status.  The “Overview” tab shows area status and includes current “open” and “closed” risks.  To help managers It also reports on overdue actions.  As actions are completed and the system is updated, and so will the risk level be updated.

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There are also a number of other Reports available to keep You fully informed of Your Company's status.

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