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Merchant Credit Advance

I take regular card payments and I need some extra cash now but I don't want to pay interest or be tied to a fixed monthly repayment 

At Think Strategy we are able to help a number of businesses obtain finance that suits their specific needs.  This could be to upgrade or to purchase to new stock, refurbish business premises, pay an unexpected bill or simply improve cash flow? 


A “Merchant Credit Advance” is not an interest bearing loan as such although there is a cost or fee for the advance.  It is reliant upon a business having and using a merchant or card payment service, but it doesn’t matter who is the service provider or merchant bank.

A Merchant Credit Advance can provide you with an up-front cash injection for your business simply by arranging the purchase of future debit and credit card transactions. You choose the amount you need – anything from £2,500 to £300,000 based on your card takings history.

Here’s how it works

1. Decide an amount – anywhere from £2,500 – £300,000 based on your card takings history
2. Agree on one upfront cost for the use of the money. No hidden charges, no interest fees
3. Pay back the cash advance at the pre-agreed % of your card payments automatically.

Rather than a loan, this offers unsecured funding by purchasing a portion of your future card sales.

This smart money management provides flexibility not only catering for your existing requirements but for your future needs. This means you can scale your business your way. And because you’re not tied to any fixed monthly repayment amount, you repay less when things are slow and more when business is flourishing.

Eligibility is simple; based on your card sales history, your business can access finance equalling its average monthly turnover of credit card transactions (sometimes it can take account of all sales or an amount equivalent of two months average sales).  Unsecured funding means you won’t need to use an asset such as a property to secure against the borrowing.

There are no interest charges, no hidden fees, no need for a perfect credit score and because it’s not a loan you credit score will not be affected. 75% of all applications are successful and a pre-approved decision is made on average within 24hrs.

Additionally, because this is not a loan as the fee is agreed in advance it is often acceptable to people that do not believe that the paying of interest on borrowed money is moral.

Merchant Cash Advance is an extremely competitive product in the market place. The streamlined qualification process could hardly be easier. You could receive funds within as little as ten days.

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