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Company's often go through different phases; some when there is growth and maybe rapid expansion.  Other times where the business may be finding 'life' more challenging and there needs to be some changes.  Often when the Company is doing well as Directors and Owners we feel successful and believe we are doing things well and correctly.  When things are more challenging do we believe it is down to us or circumstances?  Whether during successful times or when things are difficult it is likely that You are doing some things well and others probably could be done better.  The trick is to identify and start to deal with possible challenges when you are doing well so that during the more difficult times you can focus on growth and consolidation, knowing your business has a 'solid' foundation.  This is how you can start to make your business "Sustainable" and protect its "Value".

As an example, a mature Limited Company is an entity itself, it should be able to operate successfully without the Founder being present.  If the Founder is key to the company's success then this is a constraint to success and Value.  How easy will it be to find a buyer for a company that relies solely on You for its success, or to pass it on to a successor.

Think Strategy works with Owners, Directors and Senior Managers to help you understand key factors in Your business including:

  • Building Business Value

  • Making Your Business Sustainable and increasing Productivity

  • Revenue Generation and Cashflow

  • Competitors, Customers and Markets

  • Compliance, Governance, Quality and Business Risks

  • Business Structure and Dynamics

  • Business Development

We will support You; be Your 'sounding-board' if needed, your coach, mentor and advisor.

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