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Don't be one of the 40% that lose out!

Is Your company missing out on cash for innovation?

The HMRC R&D Tax Relief Scheme is applicable to  UK Limited Companies seeking to improve or develop new products, processes or services.  There are no industry or sector specific qualification criteria other than it must make or be intending to make an “advance in science or technology.

The scheme works by reducing a company’s corporation tax liability and it may mean your company makes a ‘loss’ for tax purposes.  If you are making a loss you can probably claim a payment back from HMRC, even if your company has never made a profit! 

Generally, the qualifying project can research or develop a new process, product or service or improve an existing one.

The questions to ask first are:

  • Were there technological uncertainties at the start of the project?

  • Does your project go beyond applying existing technologies and ‘break-new-ground’?  This could mean for example, developing a new food product without certain additives.

If the answer is “Yes” to both of these questions there is a possibility  you can claim.

If you would like more information or a free consultation on whether you are likely to be able to claim R&D Tax relief please fill in the contact form with “R&D Tax” in the subject line or you can email or call us to discuss how we can help you to claim and R&D Tax Relief that may be due to you.