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Risk Dashboard

Risk Management is now a top agenda item across Micro, SME and Corporates companies, often without a consistent, coherent and correctly structured approach to the handling of these risks. 

 Risk Management is gaining prominence as businesses attempt to tackle the many dimensions of business risk, above and beyond the traditional areas such as Health & Safety, people, legal, market, financial and asset risk. 

Many companies would like to have a secure Risk Management environment; however, this often comes into conflict with other priorities.  Some companies might find the task of keeping business functions aligned with the Risk Management process highly challenging.  The reality is that; the risks that you could of controlled today with a little effort may become large issues that are very costly and destructive to the business when you are now forced to deal with the consequences.


You must consider that good quality Risk Management may enhance your brand and reputation, it may help you to lower operating costs such as the cost of insurances or finance in addition to providing a ‘Competitor Advantage’ by increasing efficiency, helping to boost profits, put the company in a healthier position to grow and increase in value to name a few.  In addition, it will make staff and customers feel happier.


The Risk Dashboard provides a simple and effective way to detect, evaluate and mitigate business risks.  It has been developed to empower everyone within your organisation with accurate and clearly presented information based on your ‘up-to-date’ data.  This allows you to make informed decisions to mitigate your business against potential financial, operational and reputational liability.  

The application consolidates different data from across different parts of your business and the system is continually updated by the development company as regulations and ‘best practice’ change.  As you keep your data up-to-date the application will aid you in understanding how your risk levels change as Your Company evolves.


Using Risk Dashboard and possibly aided by your Think Strategy Advisors, you are able to undertake a comprehensive audit of up to 18 specific business risk areas.  When the data is all entered, the system will process it using a weighted algorithm and provide you with a report highlighting your current status including key areas to address.

Case Management

It will also provide you with a Case Management Report with prioritised actions.  The system is always live and as issues are corrected and the system is updated your outstanding actions element is reduced so you can see your progress.

Document Library.

The system also has an ‘up-to-date’ document and video library with details of the latest legislation and regulations.  This library is continually updated, as is the underlying application (and the reports) when legislation, regulations and ‘best practice’ change.   You can also add your own information to this. 

Document Storage

The system is designed so that you can also store company information and documents.  This could be from HR documents, personnel information, Insurance details and more.


The system is backed up by a powerful reporting capability so you can see where your business stands.  This can help with your business planning.

Currently the system takes the following areas into account:

  • Health & Safety

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Supply & Procurement

  • Information Security

  • GDPR

  • Fraud

  • PCI

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Quality

  • Directors

  • Business Continuity

  • Storage & Warehousing

  • Buildings

  • Transport

  • Physical Security

  • Insurance

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