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How are You doing?

We feel healthy so we must be.

Our company is a 'living' thing too and occasionally we need to ensure that it is working effectively and efficiently, especially if we are trying to increase its 'Value', maybe for a later sale, for attracting investment or often these days for concluding deals or contracts where the partner organisation requires some assurance on Your business being able to deliver in the future.

As part of the Think Strategy Company Health Check we will undertake a review of a number of key areas within your business.  Our objective is to help You and us understand the following about Your company:

  • What is working well and what may not be and is therefore a business risk?

  • How can we improve on what we are doing even if its already doing well?

  • What you need to be considering for the future?

  • Are you 'over-engineering' in some areas?  It is important to remember that you may be doing things too well and putting more effort in to solve an issue than is required.

We use a Risk Dashboard and other specialist tools to identify a number of key areas for your business including:

  • Health & Safety

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Supply & Procurement

  • Information Security & GDPR

  • Fraud, PCI and Anti-Money Laundering

  • Business Processes & Rules

  • Business Metrics and Measures including KPIs and Service Levels

  • Quality

  • Customer Service

  • Directors

  • Business Continuity

  • Storage & Warehousing

  • Buildings

  • Transport

  • Physical Security

  • Insurance

Why is it important to 'Health Check' Your business?

When we are talking about important 'things' in our lives like cars, water boilers etc we get them 'serviced' or have regular "preventative maintenance" carried out to ensure they are working correctly and safely.  We are protecting our investment and ensuring that key equipment is functioning effectively and safely.  Likewise with ourselves we often hear the phrase "prevention is better than cure" or we go occasionally for a 'Check-up' with a health professional. 

As discussed earlier, You need to know that you are prepared for the future as when companies grow, often key things get forgotten and leave the business exposed.  Consider this:

  • CAn your business can take 'Stress' as well as Success'

  • The sooner You find any potential issues or risks the sooner they can be fixed or mitigated. 

  • if you catch problems early then You are in control.

  • Early treatment often means less intervention and cost.

  • Understanding the Status of Your Company gives you an advantage over Your competitors.  

These all help to build 'business value'.

If you would like more information or a free consultation please fill in the contact form or you can email or call us to discuss how we can help you. 

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