Course List

We are currently providing shorter “Introduction to” ½ day seminars on the following business skills:


Course  Title                                                     Area

Basic Selling Skills                                           Sales

Basic Customer Service Skills                       Customer Service

Basic Marketing                                               Strategy

GDPR and Data Protection                            Business Management

Funding your business                                   Strategy

Using a Business Advisor or Coach              Business Management


One day workshops on:


Course  Title                                                       Area

How to sell more                                               Sales

Why write a Business Case?                             Business Management

Why write a Marketing Plan?                           Strategy

Why use Project Management?                       Business Management

What is Customer Service?                              Customer Service

How to Present                                                   Sales

What is SCRUM all about?                               Business Management

Why should I Identify and Mitigate

Risk in my Business?                                         Business Management

A flavour of HR                                                  HR

Developing teams at work                               HR

How do I know I am being successful?          Business Management


Multi-day courses on:

Course  Title                                                      Area

Professional Selling Skills                                Sales

Key Account Management                              Sales

Developing a Marketing Strategy                   Strategy

Pitching and Presenting                                   Sales

Agile delivery practices                                    Business Management

Excellent Customer Service as a strategy      Customer Service

What an owner needs to know about HR.    HR


Industry Specific Training

Course  Title                                                              Area

Customer Service in the small hotel sector.        Hospitality

Customer Service in the Food & Drink sector    Hospitality


Managing patients in the nursing home              Nursing and Residential Care

Managing patients at home                                    Nursing and Residential Care