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Why does Think Strategy partner with First Payment Services and recommend them for merchant services?

First payment Services Ltd we believe are a progressive and professional independant card services organisation that shows integrity in its dealings with clients.  Their contracts are designed to be clear and concise with NO hidden costs, 'club fees', automatic 'multi-year' renewals,  or charges to pay at the end of your contract.  The team at First Payment will always work with you to try and ensure that you are not in breach of PCI standards (and fined for this) and will provide first class customer support via a UK based support team.

Other key considerations are:

  • Some of the lowest rates in the industry available

  • A choice of up to four Merchant or 'Acquirer' Banks so that we have the best fit and rates  for your business and it's needs.

  • Work with four 'end-terminal' manufacturers in order to get the system that meets your business needs

  • Wifi, network, mobile and telephone connectivity solutions

  • Easy to follow invoices  - and we will explain then to you if you are not sure what you are being charged for.

  • No-quibble replacement terminals - normally next day.

  • Solutions for E Commerce at exceptional rates

  • Top end EPOS systems with full integration to other IT and card systems.

  • Ability to offer "Merchant Credit Advances" for those needing rapid borrowing

Contact us now to find out more and how you can start to save and increase your profits.  There is no obligation.