Investing in Your Company's Future Success.

Professional Business Training Courses

It is important in a successful business that you and your team are equipped for the challenges that your company will face.  It is therefore key that you are all up-to-date and have the competence and capability to undertake required tasks.  Even if this is only to make sure that you have a basic understanding of what is happening in your business. 


Good Quality Training can be a motivator for your team and a great investment for your business as it should result in improved performance.

At Think Strategy see this as a key part of our offering to you.  In fact, we see ourselves as a Training Organisation as well as a Business Advice and Consulting company.  We provide professional business training across a broad area of business requirements and some specific industry training which we deliver either directly or via professional specialists.  These are set at a number of different levels.  Short training courses to enable you have ‘more-of-a-feel’ for some key areas, and we provide more in-depth courses workshops and ‘certified’ courses to really enable you to learn and ‘hone’ skills.

With all of the courses on offer with Think Strategy, we can also provide specialist coaching services to further embed new skills and habits. 

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Analyzing the data

Help you and your team increase profitable revenue.

Customer Support Representative

Excellent Customer Service ensures you have customers that want to come back - with their friends.


Some of the key business functions such as:

Project Management,


GDPR and data management,

Reducing Risk,

Measuring Success.

Brand Strategy

Working out what you need to do and then planning to do it. 

A key area here is Marketing

Legal Advice

Looking after staff can be a 'mine-field' for SMEs.  Learn how to manage some of the common issues.